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Food & Drink in our Restaurant

Menu ( Breakfast , Lunch and Dinner )
  • Breakfast ( French style bread, butter and Jam, 2 Fried eggs ...)
  • Fruits ( Papaya, Banana, Mango...)
  • Main Dishes ( Stir fried mixed veg with bean curd, Sweet and sour veg with bean curd....)
  • Salads ( Somtum, Chicken Salad, cabbage with bean curd...)
  • Soup ( Mild soup with veg and bean curd. Spicy lemon grass soup with fish,pork,chicken...)
  • Rice ( Sticky rice, Plain rice,Fried rice with pork and egg...)
  • Noodles ( Flat rice noodle with pork, Chicken, veg and bean curd)
  • Noodles soups ( Rice noodles soup with pork,Chicken,veg and bean curd)
  • Coffees ( Hot coffee, Ice coffee and Nescafe )
  • Beverage ( Hot Ovantine with milk,Lao tea, lipton tea, Cold drinking  water,  Pepsi,   Coke ,7up...)


Food Lao food is traditionally eaten with sticky rice, with the fingers.  In the countryside, people will all eat family style, sitting on the floor, sharing a few dishes. Traditional Lao food is dry, spicy and very delicious.  The food eaten in Laos is influenced by its neighbours and the colonial French.  Here are some favourites:

Laap, a traditional  Lao food is made from chopped meat, chicken or duck is a favourite.  The finely chopped meat, spices and broth is mixed with uncooked rice grains that have been dry fried, and crushed.   Laap is eaten with a plate of raw vegetables and sticky rice.

Tam Mak Houng is a salad made from sliced raw papaya, garlic, chile, peanuts, sugar, fermented fish sauce and lime juice - it can be extremely spicy, so be careful!

French Baguettes are found in the larger towns, served for breakfast, filled as a sandwich with pate, moo yor (a pork lunchmeat), vegetables, and chile sauce.  Baguettes are also dunked into coffee for breakfast.

As well as French bread, you will find a lot of salad in Laos.  The traditional lao diet includes a lot of raw vegetables - but the French left the tossed salad behind.


Coffee can be found just about everywhere in Laos.  Lao coffee is made in a coffee sock and is very thick, strong and dark black.  It is served in a small glass with a couple of tablespoons of condensed milk at the bottom.  Coffee is always served with a chaser of either weak black tea or warm water.  Strangely enough, real coffee is hard to find in hotels and restaurants, where, as in much of Asia, Nescafé and Coffeemate are the order of the day.

Tea, made strong, with condensed milk, served indian style is quite common and can be found in many places.  Chinese tea is served in teapots in most cheaper restaurants and noodle stalls.

Soft drinks can be found all over the country.  They are all imported, and relatively expensive compared to local drinks. Do not expect to find diet sodas though.

Beer Lao  There is only one beer that can be found in Laos. Beer Lao comes in large bottles that sell for well under $US1.  Drink it cold, and enjoy.

Lao Lao is found all over the country - it is rice whiskey, and the flavour and methods of manufacture varies all over the country.

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