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Tours around Pakse - South Laos - Champasak


Our Pakse based company provides You  full service with tours around Pakse, and tours in  Champasak region - tours in South Laos.

What to see around Pakse, Champasak privince?

Khon Phapheng Waterfall

Khon phapheng is located the most ended road 13 South, 157 km far from Pakse city to the South, Just turn right 2 km you reach immediately Khon Phapheng. This is the greatest waterfall and popular attraction in the province, in Laos and also of the Southeast Asia countries.
The rest-houses are also avialable at this site for the people who come to visit the great water fall and taking photographs, some could be go down in dry season.
Food and drinks are also provided  plentifully in this site mostly by fish food (fresh fish) of the best taste and delicious.

Li Phi fall

Just north of Khone Phapeng, is another amazing natural site that is best seen during the months of December-March when the cascade's clear waters are tinted emeral green. Food and Beverage facilities are available at site.


Tad Phasuam Waterfall

Tad Phasuam is located at Ban Done, Bachiang district, Champasak province. It's 38 kms to the Northeastern part from Pakse urban area, on the road Pakse-Paksong.
Just turn left at Km 21, and then heading about 15 kms you can see a  sign " Phasuam Waterfall ", and then turn left again about 2 kms. Tad Phasuam is a nice natural waterfall, which flows from Phou Thevada ( Angel Mountain ) of Paksong district, with 9 meters high in  falling. At about 6 meters high point from the ground where the hightest speed of the fall, is named the Room Gate, which was told as the ancient place of some auspicious ceremonies, some wedding ceremonies of the people at many centuries ago, because the roon Gate is mostly alike the bed room by the straight rocky walls up on the two sides.
This waterfall site is  different from the other places by the beautiful water falling of both sides. In addition to the natural tourist site as of calm and cool area, the Phasoum Waterfall site is also provided as the places for recreation - you can stay and overnights with good services of foods.
Meals and beverages waiting for you. Specially you will see some small guesthouses settled on the trees that you can also live on. There are some ethnic villages around the area with the rest-house and some hand-made materials providing, showing for your sight.

Tad Fane Waterall km 38

Tracking on the roud Pakse-Paksong to the km 38, you will see a small sign on your right says " Welcome to Tad Fane Waterfall " .
This is also one of the most beautiful places for Tourism in Champasak province. Tad Fane Waterfall is surrounded by mountainous greeen views and the heavy forest in cool weather. Tad Fane is at about 200 meter high, available for easy sightseeing on the top, but can not going downward because of too straigh up right  and to be dangerous. This site is also provided some resorts for You to stay and available for overnights, good services on your meals and beverages, nice feeling of nature & tasting the righ Paksong coffee, the best coffee of Laos, from garden to your cup and well known abroad.

Tad Yuang

Tad Yuang is the same way to Tad Fane at the Km 40.

Mekong Island and Irrawaddy Dolphins
South of Khong Island ( the largest in Laos ) are the Four Thousand Islands, or " Si Phan Don " in Lao. This area of extraordinary beauty is know for its fine food especially fish dishes.
Distinct temple architecture, warm hospitality. On Don Det and Don Khon, remains of an early 20th century railway and steamship - port also can be visited. At the Lao-Cambodia border is Veunkham village, where many kinds of retailed merchandises are available exchanged the border by Mekhong river that we can see also the opposite part. There is the boat service for not so expensive price taking you to visit Pa Kha or dolphines ( a kind of a mammal fish )

Map of  your travels

Tours around Pakse, South Laos

Program NO:1
One Day Explore minorities of the Boleven Plateau - ThaTeng - ThaTeng and Tad Lor.
A:Recomment tour( 1Day Explore minorities of the Boleven Plateau with City Tour  )
  • 8:00 AM Pick up at your hotel in Pakse, drive to Big market (Dao Heuang market).
  • 9:00 AM Drive from Pakse to Phasuam.
  • 11:00 visit the local coffee and tea plantation, you will see both Arabica and Robusta coffee and tea,  grown in villages.You will taste the local green tea by Yourself.
  • 12:00 Tadfan waterfall -  have lunch and take some time to enjoy the beauty of  the waterfall.
  • 2:00 PM  Tad Yuang falls - you can see big water fall and  swim in it.
  • 4:00 PM tramper to your hotel.
Tour Details:
Tad Phasuam waterfall is another nice waterfall in this area. In the resort they have  models of Lao's minorities houses and weaving willage to see.
Tad Fan in the highest waterfall in South Laos, tow lines of water falling down from the top to the bottom from about 130 meters. The last waterfall is Tad Yuang waterfall, next Tad Fan - about 6 kms away.
B:Recomment tour( 1Day Explore minorities Boleven Plateau-ThaTeng-Tadlor)
Start at 8:00 AM.
Pick up at your hotel in Pakse.
Drive from Pakse to TadFan and Tad Yuang falls, Paksong Market-Tha Teang - Tad lor- Phasuam.
 On the way You can visit the Local coffee and tea plantation - you will see both Arabica and Robusta and tea  grown in village plots through the region.
Tad Fan is the highest waterfall in the south, tow lines of water falling down from the top to the bottom from about 130 meters.
Tad Yuang waterfalls next Tad Fan - just 6 km.
Paksong Market is the center in trading for people around the Bolaven.
After this we drive to Tha Teang, where we explore minority villages like Alak, Mge and Ka Tu.
At stop at the coffins Village - Ban Kokphoung - these people have their own tradition: they prepare their own coffins by themself - and for themselves. When  they die their family and the cousins will put them  in these coffins.
Some people keep the coffins under their houses, or leave them in their farms.
These villagers live together in  big houses - for about 65 people to live together.
After this, we drive to relaxing at Tad Lor, we have launch at Tad Lor (where You can swim or elephant riding around the waterfall )
Drive back to Pakse on a different way. On the way we visit the Minorities weaving village at Ban Huy Houn -  you will see minorities silk and cotton, their own textiles and see how they make it by hand.
The last waterfall is Tad Phasuam waterfall, another nice waterfall in this area. In the resort they have models of Lao's minorities houses.
After this we  drive back  to Pakse and arrive to Pakse about 6:00 PM - transfer to your Hotel. (Finish programs)
Program NO:2
WAT PHU, CHAMAPASAK, Wat Phu world heritage
Wat Phu is the sedone world heritage(after Luangphrabang) in the Lao People's Democratic Republic (Lao PDR), wich was declareed by UNESCO on 25 December 2002. Wat Phu is  a famous Place, Worthy of being worshipped by the nation in the Lao People's Democratic Republic. It is located at the foot of the holy mountain, call Phou Kao, innediately commands one's attention, because of it's shape, identified in ancient time as a   lingam, the phallic symbol of Shiva. The remains of which ( large earthen, enclosure walls) are barely visited on the ground, although they appear quite clearly on aerial pictures.

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